It just lay there. Abandoned. Forgotten. Alone. No one took any heed to it. No one saw it. No one picked it up. Until the cat came along. The cat saw it from a distance, and lowered his front body, backside slightly up in the air. He inched a little bit closer, crawling silently over … Continue reading Forgotten


When she got home, she was stunned to discover that she’d lost her keys. Her eyes narrowed. It must’ve been him. He’d been trying to get in touch with her ever since they met at that cafe. He‘d been an elderly man, with a sophisticated look and a distinguished manner. They’d just, out of the … Continue reading Keys


The old man stood in front of stairs of the St-mary cathedral, the destination to the clues he’s followed for almost a year. The postcard which had “I’ll see you there” written on the back had been in the coat, which was hanging in the unused and forgotten section of his wardrobe. He’d seen her … Continue reading Emptiness


She woke up, her throat a screaming spot of agony and stabbing pains. She instinctively tried to swallow the build-up spit in her mouth. “Ooouuww,” she croaked, tears springing up in her eyes. Clutching the zone of what felt like inner destruction, she could feel how swollen it was. Desperation welled up in her. She … Continue reading Harvest