First dinosaur in space

This is it. This is the day they’d been waiting for. This is the whole reason they’d started their whole entrepreneuring, if that’s even a word. All those years building up the company, promoting al the videos on YouTube and Facebook. Taking the best Instagram photos and making sure they got tagged by everyone. It had taken many sacrifices, they’d lost their girlfriend, family didn’t talk to them anymore, their bank account was once again empty.

But here they were. Regretfully, they had to take off their skin to put the astronaut costume on. The suit probably had some special fancy NASA name, but they didn’t care. They just wanted to put it on quickly so they could put their skin back on.

They knew everyone else thought this was also only a costume, only an outer facade to pretend to be a dinosaur. People loved it, they thought it was funny the way the head bobbed, the way the short arms couldn’t reach anything, the way the tail hit everything.

Little did they know. Of course, for all of them, it really was only a costume.

Being whole again, they got escorted to their destiny, the other passengers walking behind. Ahead was a long and wide hallway, the white walls and floor reflecting all the bright lights. At the end, there it was; the rocket. The spacecraft which was going to to help them write history. They were going to be the first dinosaur in space.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was given these words by a friend: Dinosaur, rocket, reality

While writing this weird little story, another idea popped up in my head so I wrote another one based on those words which will be published in another post. It’s less weird and creepy than this one.

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