Dino and the boy

The boy picked up the rocket, groaning with the effort, and placed it in its special holder just so. The rocket’s pointy nose came to about his hips high, and was as wide as both of his legs. It was a wonder he could even lift the thing at all! Luckily, the material he’d used was light in weight but stronger than steel. His father had given it to him, he was the CEO of a manufacturing company which produces.. Something.. The boy didn’t know precisely what.

“That should be it, Dino,” he said cheerfully, although his heart was beginning to fill with sadness at the impending farewell. He’d never been able to pronounce the dinosaur’s real name, so he’d always just called him Dino. Easiest way is always the best way!

The small creature looked up to the rocket, studying it. He almost looked like a T-rex, except that he barely stood higher than the boy’s ankles, and had a deep purple colour. The belly area was of a lighter shade, and the tip of the tail was a rich cobalt blue. It had longer arms instead of short, useless stubs, and a cress of bright red feathers on the top of its head, thinning out towards the middle of its back.

Don’t be sad, the alien dinosaur sent. Be happy for me, I’m finally going back to my family. I’ve been on this planet too long, but you have my eternal gratitude for helping me build my ship.

Tears started to fall down the boy’s face as he lifted the Dino to the hatch.

“You were the brains, I was the hands,” he whispered, as he watched the rocket from a safe distance. The bottom end suddenly spewed out hot white fire, and there it went.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was given these words by a friend: Dinosaur, rocket, reality

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