The president

He checked himself out in the stand mirror. Tall, handsome, powerful. Adjusting his wig, he made sure it was attached well enough. He could only imagine the media activity if they’d discover it’s not his real hair. He did imagine it then, his eyes growing vacant, and thought: ‘That would be a good way to keep people talking about me. Other publicity stunts first.’ He put the wig stunt on his mental list of media attention seekers.

Looking at the mirror again, he put his ill-fitted jacket on, wiggled his shoulders a bit, and crooned out loud: ‘You gorgeous looking man you.’ He patted his own orange cheek and pouted his lips to himself, chuckling.

Outside of his room, his usual retinue was waiting. Again he chuckled. He was already wallowing in the glee of the worldwide attention his planned announcement would give. Upon his arrival at the annual presidential meeting at the American Space Force, he would urge them strongly to put all of their resources towards proving that the earth is flat.

He giggled again. The media is going to love that. His name will be on everyone’s lips, over and over again. The most talked about president ever.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This very short piece is based on these words a friend gave me: Trump, space force, comedy. It took me several days of thinking about it and finally I came up with this. I’m not sure if it’s comedy though, I really have no idea how to write comedy. I also didn’t mention the name in the story because I’d like to stay politically neutral. I was and still am a bit hesitant about even using the name here in the disclaimer. But hey, no one is going to read this anyway so that makes me feel fairly alright with it. If you do happen to read this, let me know what you though in the comments and feel free to refer me to other and real comedy flash fiction pieces!

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