Skill of a butterfly

The butterfly was magnificent with its splendid array of stunning colours. The wings fluttered slightly while landing on Yesco’s outstretched palm, the movement emphasizing the iridescent red, blue, purple, white and black. She sighed in relief. The first animal she’s been able to call to her. It had taken her several tries in the past few weeks, but she should be able to do this with every kind of insect now.
The next stages were fish, birds, and then mammals. Those last two were the most difficult to control apparently, and some were easier than others. Herbivores were supposed to be fairly placid and answer to the call quickly, but carnivores were tricky. Not to mention dangerous.
But first, the butterfly. Calling the animal is only the first stage of the process. Now that she had it on her hand, she tried to recall the text from the book.
“Right, let’s give this a try,” she muttered to the butterfly, which seemed impatient, wiggling its black legs, eager to be gone again. Yesco closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of the touch of the animal. She then split her focus, and searched for that other feeling. Sweat began to bead on her forehead and the sides of her face. She scrunched her face up. She wanted to fly. That was today’s goal. She wanted to— there! A flash of energy sped through her, coming from the spots were the animal touched her. She gasped, opened her eyes and stumbled back a step. The butterfly flew away.
Yesco did not. Whatever had happened, the skill to fly had not been part of it. Something had changed though. What was that smell? Sweet. Oh so sweet. It was coming from.. From the flowers at her feet? What—? Oh. She gingerly lifted her hands and felt the top of her head. Antennaes.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This story was partly inspired by these key words a friend gave me: woman 37yo, magic, fiction. Since magic pretty much equals fiction, I asked her for a bit more and she gave me back “butterfly or book”. I decided to apply both. This is the first cautious step into a magic system I’ve been thinking about. While writing this short little story, I actually added more information about the magic, but I decided to cut that out. I didn’t think it’s a good idea to reveal details of an incomplete magic system just yet.

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