Untitled (part 1?)

‘Gorwak guts!’ Her watch showed her that she’d missed her deadline by half a day. She cursed again and tapped it a few times in frustration. ‘Bloody thing,’ she murmured, frowning, ‘I’m sure that had been more than 37 000 steps.’ She’d always been annoyed that none of the fitness trackers would accurately account for all of the steps she took while in the air.

Dislodging her halberd from the dead creature’s head, Nadec tried to use its clothes to wipe her weapon clean. Calling it clothes may be overdoing it too much. It didn’t look like more than a strap of fabric with two holes at each end for the head, covering nothing more than the spine section of the back, down to everything between the legs, and back up to whatever was in the middle of the front body. The part near the ass seemed to have been wedged in between the fiery orange, purple-haired buttocks, which had distracted Nadec a lot during the fight. She felt lucky that the cloth seemed to be attached tightly enough to keep its position at the front.

The thightness prevented her from being able to use it for wiping the pink blood off her weapon, so she used her side knife to cut the cloth off near the neck. When she was done with that little bit of battle-aftercare, she couldn’t help but take a peek at what the cloth was meant to cover. She swore once again, this time directed at herself. Every time she told herself that she’d never do it again, but every time she did it anyway. She gave an exaggerated shudder and contorted her face in disgust. It would definitely have distracted her during fighting.

She shortened the halberd’s shaft and flung it at her back. The magnets held on to it immediately, keeping the weapon in its place. It had taken her a while to find a proper way of carrying it. At first she’d tried the traditional hip-carry, but because of the large size of the weapon and her rather diminutive stature, that didn’t go very well. After tripping over it several times and cutting herself more than once, she’d gone on a mission to find a better way. Having it on her back was perfect. The weight was placed in the most central and supported spot, the handle stuck out over her tight shoulder, in perfect reach to grab it with her right hand. She’d tried to have it at the left shoulder but it was a big struggle to get a hold of then.

She shrugged, letting the weight of it settle, and took one last look at the 4 dead orange creatures around her. Poor buggers didn’t stand a chance against her. A chuckle escaped her mouth. Suddenly remembering her deadline, she hurriedly went up to the xlups’ camp fire and untied the man laying there. He’d been tied to a thick branch, ready to rotate on top of the fire.

‘There you go buddy,’ already turning around to leave, anxious now that she had her deadline back in her mind. Her fans would probably be wining again about the lateness of her blogpost. She bent down her knees slightly, slapping them against each other in quick succession whith her hands placed on top, appearing to follow her knees. Except that her arms alternated between getting crossed and opening up, giving the illusion that her legs were doing funny things. The expected build-up of energy came quickly and she concentrated on where she needed to go. With the next crossing of her arms, she found herself back in her house. Her cat immediately came up to her, meowed and jumped up in her arms, purring as loudly as a car-sized bumblebee.

‘What just happened?’ A male voice asked, so out of nowhere that she jumped and her furry buddy dug in his claws at the movement. Nadec looked down and saw the man she’d just fried, only now letting go of her ankle.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Obviously, I’ve missed my self-imposed deadline yesterday. Funny enough, that inspired me to (quickly) write this little story. Since I’m on my phone now, the lay-out might not be perfect because the blog’s app is a bit limited. It probably needs some editing and such, but I’ll get onto that tonight. I couldn’t find a proper title for this, so “untitled” was the best I could do, and I added “part 1” because this seems like something which deserves a follow up.

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