‘We should get out of here! Now!’

The wind started to pick up. He could see the waves getting larger already, white tips starting to form, multiplying as he looked out over the ocean. All of a sudden, the storm clouds were visible, a large and dark wall of roiling shadow shapes, all aiming to be a different kind of grey.

The floating mass reached as far as the eye could see, overtaking the whole horizon, moving with a palpable speed. Underneath, the darkness appeared to bleed out into light grey with touches of green and other indistinguishable colours. It was almost impossible to see where the torrent blended in with the water of the ocean.

‘It’s too late, we’re stuck!’ His panicked exclamations got met with a low chuckle.

‘Don’t worry so much, we’ll be fine here.’ She came to stand next to him, looking out at the rapidly approaching winter storm. ‘Woaaah, now there’s a sight. That alone was worth coming here.’

She glanced at him, the smile still on her lips.

‘Really, this lighthouse has been here for 45 years, it’s not the first time it’s going through something like this.’ She wanted to put her arm around his waist but before she could move, he stumbled back a few steps in horror.

The storm hit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Inspired by these photos. I don’t know who it is from so I can’t give credit, please let me know if it’s yours.


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