Storm (2)

She looked at him, sitting as far in the middle of the round room as he could, his knees pulled up, his chin resting on them, eyes closed. His breathing seemed to have calmed down. She saw him by the light of his phone’s torch, laying next to him, shining upwards. Guilt surged up in her. Maybe she shouldn’t have brought him here. Maybe she should’ve come by herself, but she hadn’t known how scared he would get.

It had been magnificent. The liveliness of the ocean, the power of the clouds, the visible gales of wind. Rain and hail had pelted the lighthouse, mixing with the waves which had seemed to reach way above the windows they were looking out of. The temperature drop hadn’t been unexpected, but the suddenness of it had surprised them both.

The darkness though. That one had crept up on them like a summer night’s moonless sky. The one where you know it’s coming, and you realise it’s happening, but it doesn’t hit you until you can no longer see the person you’re talking to.

She suspected that the outside temperature had been so cold, the water pelting the tower from above, below, and aside, had frozen all around them. Now that was something she should’ve accounted for, but obviously hadn’t. She shrugged her shoulders, first the right one, smoothly followed by the left. She followed that shrug routine a few times, loosening some muscles. She returned her gaze from her miserable looking date to her camera, checking through the photos. It had taken a photo every 5 seconds, and she was fairly satisfied with the outcome. It would’ve been better if she’d taken the photos manually, but she’d wanted to see the storm with her own eyes, not through a camera’s lens.

‘How long will we be trapped here?’ She sighed at the accusing tone of his voice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I thought the storm flash fiction piece I did, deserved a little bit more. The third and final part of the story will be published on Tuesday 11th of september 2018. Thanks for reading!

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