Storm (3 – final)

It was cold, dark, and uncomfortable. He’d been able to rest a little bit, knees pulled up to his chest, arms holding them to keep from sliding outward. This must be the worst second date in history! Are they even going to survive their situation? He couldn’t believe how relaxed she was, and still is. Couldn’t she see the gravity of their captivity? She’d just laughed away his previous question. The lighthouse was covered in a layer of ice thick enough to block out all of the light, who knows how long that takes to defrost. His phone’s battery won’t last much longer, and they didn’t have food.

‘I’ll need to turn off my torch,’ he told her bitterly. ‘We’ll be in the dark. what then? It’s pitch dark, I doubt there is any light for our eyes to pick up a little bit of night vision.’ He could hear the panic come back in his voice but he didn’t care. Let her hear, he couldn’t worry about what she thought of him anymore. Despite that, seeing the way she rolled her eyes at his remarks, still made him cringe inwardly.

‘Ive told you before, the ice will melt soon enough, and then we’ll be out of here in no time. Don’t worry about your battery, I’ve got a charger in the car. You can charge it on our drive back.’ She looked at him sideways while circling the room, and sighed again. ‘It’s not like you can use it now anyway, without any mobile reception.’ She hesitated. ‘I am sorry for bringing you here, I really thought it would be a nice date. I couldn’t predict that we’d get trapped. And I you didn’t tell me about your claustrophobia.’

She dissappeared from sight behind some sort of desk. ‘Aaaaaaaah, this is great!’

He almost jumped from the loudness of her scream. At least she apologised, somewhat, he thought grimly, that’s better than no- Lights flooded his vision and he cried out in surprise, covering his eyes with his hands. A low buzzing sound started up somewhere, and there was a faint flow of air stroking the top of his head, not quite enough to move his dark mop of hair.

‘Seems like I’ve found the power board!’ She yelled out in happy satisfaction, a grin almost splitting her face in two.

‘Such a strange place for that.’

‘I’m not going to complain! There was also a heater so with luck, that thing still works and can heat our asses out of here! If there’s no insulation around the building anyway, but I doubt that.’

He felt a weight droop of his shoulders and it seemed as if his breathing got better. They’ll be fine. The warmth of the heater will melt away the ice from the front door and they’ll be able to leave.

He might not date again for a while now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alright, I’ll admit, this story is definitely not one of my best! It might make more sense if you read the first part and second part as well. Lucky these things are such a short read hey 🙂

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