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Today marks the 6th week since my first blogpost, Harvest. I’ve published a blog post 3 times a week since, and it’s been great fun, even though I’ve missed my self-imposed deadline a few times (although a good thing has been born out of that: Nadec). This week I took a break from the blog, so nothing has been shared Tuesday nor Thursday.

At first, this was unintentional. But then, I decided it was a good thing. I quite like writing the flash fiction stories. I know some of them aren’t really good (like this weird thing), but there are a few I personally really like (the woman and the tree, for instance, or keys). However, letting the creative mind rest occasionally is a good thing. So that’s what I did.

I thought I’d use this Sunday to introduce you to my Work In Progress, aka WIP. There are two for the moment, not counting the flash fiction I post here on the blog.

WIP 1 is the one which started this whole writing thing, at the end of May 2018. You can read more about how it started on the who-page. Summarising a story as complex as it’s turning into is not easy, but I’ve managed it a bit and shared it on my Twitter:

wip 1 synopsis

And just today I figured out how to say it in 4 words: a superhero epic fantasy adventure. I would say in terms of progress, that the first draft of this is about 70% done. Since it’s my first time writing a novel, I’m not quite sure how long it will be. I’m used to reading long fantasy novels, so that’s what I’m aiming for as well. Fantasy books should be long and complex, right? I don’t have a title for this one yet. If you’d like to read little snippets of the draft, I sometimes share some lines on Twitter, so follow me there if you’e interested in that.

The second WIP, I can’t say much about just yet. Unlike with the first, I’m outlining this one. I’ve only recently started doing that and it’s a whole new process for me. But I believe it might be the way to go for me. This story is a combination of fantasy and science fiction, but more fantasy than the other. It will feature Yesco, whom you may have met before in the flash fiction story ‘skill of the butterfly’.

I have a special thing in mind with this story. It involves podcasts and choices. That’s all I’ll say for now. I plan to finish the outline by November, so that I can write part of the story during NaNoWriMo. For those who don’t know what that is, it is an initiative to motivate writers to write a novel (50 000 words) in 30 days. The most I’ve written before was about 35 000 words a month but this time, with the help of an outline next to me, I hope I’ll be able to reach the goal. I might be publishing less posts a week during that period due to time restrictions. A possible title for my WIP 2 is “Tear of the sky”.

About the plans with the blog. Since this is all new for me, it’s a little bit of trial and error, and figuring out what works best. I like the idea of having a break every 5-6 weeks, followed by an interludes blogpost on that Sunday. In that post I’ll look back on the stories published during that time, and I’ll discuss the progress of the larger projects.

Feel free to send me prompts for flash fiction, either in comments below, or email. A prompt can be as little as 3 words, for instance, give me a character, an object and a genre.

Thanks for reading!

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