The fan

The sounds of the fan are merciless. It drones on and on, a vibrating humming in the moon less night. The hum is accompanied by an occasional high rattle. John had been counting the seconds between the rattles. He’s on his stomach in the bed, staring wide-eyed at the window. It’s dark outside and he … Continue reading The fan


Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but with a gun against his head, he preferred to crack a joke. ‘What are you gunna do, Jerry? You gunna fire at will? You should cut the bull-it’s not your style. Maybe try a shot instead of that beer.’ He heard Jerry groan, and Will grinned. … Continue reading Threat


It was dark and wet. Bobby lay curled up in excrement, his own and the other’s, huddled against the walls. At least this corner gave a small sense of safety. He had tried sleeping, but hadn’t managed more than a little bit of dozing off. Why was he here? It was all so confusing. When … Continue reading Darkness


Whenever I have something to say about the story I'm posting, I usually put it at the bottom of the post. This time though, I thought it was better to put it at the top because it might be too confusing otherwise. What you're about to read is an excerpt of a short story I … Continue reading Wind