Pumpkin spice

A murder had happened here, the body parts spread around in a gruesome pattern. Jack used his foot to nudge the closest one. His wrinkled face scrunched up in disgust, left hand involuntarily moving through his hair.

“I’ve got no time for this,” he mumbled, “not today.”

He crushed down the memories which were trying to surface. Not yet, he thought, not yet. He quickly looked around for a sign of the killer and picked up his pace. It didn’t take him long to cross the rest of the park towards the local bakery. The smell of pumpkin spiced goodies assaulted his nostrils and he firmly stepped down on the memories again. Too soon to break down.

“Morning Jack,” the man behind the counter said, trepidation obvious beyond the surface of his words. “I’ll get your order.”

He disappeared before Jack could nod. Soon after, the door opened again, but it was a woman instead of the man.

“Here you go, her favourite.” Silent voice dripped with the sadness her shining eyes couldn’t conceal. “How are you going, today?”

He couldn’t reply because the memories, those cursed memories, were threatening to overwhelm him. This time they almost won. Without saying anything he turned around. Outside, he almost ran for it. Carnations in one hand and the baker’s treat in the other, he hurried to another side of the park.

Ten minutes later, it felt like a lifetime, he could finally drop to his knees in front of her grave. The flowers went onto her grave, the pastry as well, removed from the box. He dropped a handful of cat food on the ground next to him. A cat appeared, eating contently. Stroking the cat’s back, Jack spoke softly towards the grave, a hoarseness in his voice which wasn’t usually there.

“He still doesn’t want to come home with me Emy. I found some colourful feathers earlier though, red, orange, green. So he’s taking care of himself. But he misses you, immensely. So do I.”

Those last 3 words came out in a croak. Tears exploded from his eyes, as if happy to break free. He let the haunting memories finally overtake him.

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