Nadec ch 4: The squares

The last one of the Blurghs stumbled away in the direction where the other one had gone. Nadec knelt on the ground next to Kitty, congratulating the cat for jumping against the knob in precisely the right way. It looks like the practice they’d been doing had paid off. Nadec didn’t think Kitty would’ve been able to jump as powerful when they’d only started the training. Purring loudly and giving all the head bumps, he accepted all the pats, ear scratches, and belly rubs with visible pleasure.

Booping the cat on the nose, Nadec murmured to him: ‘We better check on our walking trope-friend.’ Chuckling at her own joke—the man really was the stereotype of a prince charming from a faraway kingdom—she walked over to what looked like a car-sized ball of brown yarn. Granted, only the size of a really small car, but it still made her sigh and roll her eyes.

‘How often am I going to have to save this guy?’ But she still took her serrated knife from her boot and went to work on cutting the threads.

An hour later she finally saw wrinkly and quite hairy flesh through the slim ropes. Of course the first part of his body to come upon had to be the middle. Gritting her teeth, she moved to a different part of the tangle of yarn. She was not going to expose his balls first! Estimating where his upper body was, she started cutting in that new area. When she’d finally managed to expose his head, she couldn’t stop a sniff of relief.

‘Good, you’re not dead.’

‘What was that!’ he cried out, terror on his face.

‘Relax buddy, you’re fine.’ She sounded more calm than she felt. He hadn’t even tried to defend himself during the fight! While she had been struggling to hit the knob on the Blurgh in front of her, he’d just been standing there like a stupid with a stick. His Blurgh hadn’t hesitated in turning around and sprouting its threads from its ass. Nadec had to concentrate on her own fight too much to help him so by the time she’d managed to make hers stumble away, Wyny had been well and good rolled up.

Before she had been able to engage the large and bark-like-skinned creature, Kitty had decided that the ball had become too large to play with. So she’d jumped up against the Blurgh a few times until she’d hit the sweet spot, the red knob which numbs them enough to stumble off in confusion.

‘Why didn’t you fight?’ she demanded of him while still cutting. Okay, so maybe she couldn’t manage to keep the calm face. Stupid man, giving me so much trouble, I’ll need to buy a new couch, heck, probable need to find a new apartment too.

‘You’re not going to cost me my perfect score too, I’ll keep you safe until you get back to your stupid kingdom, what was it again, Parallelogram, wherever that is, no matter how long it takes, but it better not take too long, fuck, there’s still my deadline, how am I going to explain that, …’ She kept on mumbling, not noticing the stunned look on his face.

‘Paralelo,’ he cut in, swallowing visibly because of the fierce look she gave him. ‘I don’t know how to use a stick, or a sword.’

Before he could continue, nadec burst out: ‘What do you mean, you don’t know how to use a sword! Doesn’t everyone in this realm use a stupid sword?!’ So much for the sword-swinging gorgeous trope-king he was supposed to be.

‘No, of course not, swords are useless.’ Nadec grunted in agreement while he continued, sounding more confident with each word.

‘I told you I am the master of the Squares, defender of the Triangles, chief of all Lines.’ With that, he lifted his newly freed arms and made some strange movements. Out of nowhere, a solid wooden Square appeared, floating in the air between them. With a few more movements, the box turned into two four-sided sticks in an L-shape.

‘These are my weapons.’

Once again, Nadec couldn’t do anything else but laugh, this time until she cried, her cheeks and abs hurting but unable to stop.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This story is part of the quirky continuing story, temporarily called Nadec. To read the story in its whole, the previous chapter with this one attached, go here. Thanks for reading 🙂

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