Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but with a gun against his head, he preferred to crack a joke.

‘What are you gunna do, Jerry? You gunna fire at will? You should cut the bull-it’s not your style. Maybe try a shot instead of that beer.’

He heard Jerry groan, and Will grinned. I suppose speaking my mind and some puns works as well. The pressure on his head lessened. He heard a sigh and it dropped completely.

Jerry moaned, his head lowered.

‘You need some more practice,’ Will told him, clapping him on the back. ‘Here, how about that shot. Vodka or rum?’

‘Pointing a gun at people isn’t really something you can practice, what if I mess it up on the day? I mean, what if she is a smart-ass like you? How can you threaten someone properly if they don’t get scared? The gun won’t even be loaded. Maybe I just shouldn’t do it.’

Will rolled his eyes while pouring out the rum. Here we go again. They’ve been through this little back-and-forth a few times today. Jerry makes up his mind, then starts to back off, then Will gives him the answer he wants, which starts the whole thing up again.

‘Cheers.’ Grimacing from the strength of the shot, Jerry continued: ‘Perhaps I should give it another try heh. Convince her to sign the papers, without threatening her by using a gun?’

Previous times, Will had answered this with ‘Yeah, but you’ve tried that, how many times now? Ten times? And it’s been over a month? It doesn’t work.’

Time to break their conversation loop.

‘That doesn’t work, not the way you’ve been doing it. I have another idea. It might sound crazy, but hear me out. I know you met her on a wild night and it only took you a few days and a lack of sobriety to pop the question and do the deed. And yeah, I know you didn’t really want to commit and all, but maybe, just maybe, you could give it a try and see if you’d get along? Now don’t give me that look! Here, have another drink. Maybe try to hear her out, listen why she doesn’t want to sign, instead of yelling at her from the start. I’m telling you man, women respond better to people who listen to them.’

‘You mean, I should actually try to get to know my wife in hopes of convincing her to agree to the divorce?’

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, okay, this one sucks, and I apologise. I had not much inspiration for flash fiction, my mind is all on my other works in progress. So I went to a website which gave me a random first line, and this was it. Hey, at least I managed to come up with something! 🙈

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