There is no story, only a bird (interludes 2.1)

Just a quick drop in to let you know that there won’t be a flash fiction story released today. I didn’t want this emptiness to just go by like that because that would be disappointing, so here’s some words.

I have three half finished stories, keen to get finished. Just got the idea of the first sentences for those but didn’t have the time at that point to write it all.

Today was a busy day at work and when I got home, 12.5h after I left in the morning, there was something else to grab my attention. My partner had rescued a baby pigeon from a certain death. So I got busy getting information from friends who have hand reared piggies before. We had to get food and such and then attempted to feed it for the first time. Great was our relief when we, working as a team, managed to get the baby to eat.

Fact: baby pigeons are idiots and need a lot of guidance to get food in their belly. Which isn’t their belly but their crop. After that success, we had to take care of getting food into our own belly.

And in about an hour we have to get to bed, after giving little bubba another feed. Not enough time to finish one of those stories (and honestly, my mind is shutting down). I’ll make sure there is one on Thursday and I’m pretty sure you can expect one featuring a baby pigeon sometime soon. 😊

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