Interludes 4: current and future projects

As of today, three blogposts a week can be expected. Most sundays will be reserved for a next chapter of Nadec, the continuing flash fiction story. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for other and even shorter flash fiction stories. Also occasionally an interludes post, like this one, where in an update about the projects and blogs will be given. The publishing time of the blogpost will be around 9pm Sydney time.

The largest project I’m currently working on is “Tear of the Sky“. This is going to be a narrative choices podcast, meaning that listeners can vote between two options for the next episode. The first draft of this one hasn’t been finished yet, but I feel as if time is running out. More and more I see the interactive things and “choose-your-own-adventure” formats pop up. What I thought was an original idea, has the potential to soon be lost in a sea of other similar podcasts. For the moment, the release for the first episode has been set for September.

The microphone I’ll be using to record the podcast, has been ordered and will arrive mid January. So exciting! The practicing and playing around with it, finding my way around the editing and all, will be helped by starting a practice podcast. Nadec has been the story of choice for that.

The thought behind “Nadec: the podcast” is the main character reading the story the way it’s been published before (but with a proper edit). She’ll read it but won’t be able to keep herself from occasionally interjecting her own thoughts and recollections of the events. It should be fun! If you’ve read it, you know that it’s quite quirky and she’s got a particular sort of straight forward, sarcastic (and sexually tinted) humour. That will trickle through in the podcast as well.

Next to those two major things, there are a few side projects which are merely a spark of an idea at this moment, so I can’t say anything about those just yet. It mainly depends on how much time I can spend on my writing and creative outlets; working full-time takes up most of the days. The other creative outlets I want to give more attention to are painting and playing cello. I’m keen to pick those up again.

Do you have goals, and if so, what are they?

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