Nausea assaulted his senses. His head went down automatically, close to the ground until the feeling subsided. Teleporting still did that to him. It felt like the way driving in a car made his stomach twist. With a little grunt he shook his head. No time for that now. Where is it?


So close he could almost touch it. He reached out. A shout, yelling at him to stay away. He shrunk back and could feel the vibrations of something large running toward him. Nothing to do but scramble away. Around the corner should be good enough. Peeking around it, he saw there were more than one, apparently all in a weird mood. Not a good time to be around them.

But he wanted it so badly. Badly enough to have activated his powers, even though he’d only been a few strides away from where it had dropped him off. He did feel relieved that no one had seen him. That might have been bad. He was sure they haven’t seen him, surely there would’ve been more shouts?

At times he felt as if they were watching his every move, ready to pounce on him when he did something they inexplicably didn’t like.

This time though. Something was going on, this was not an ordinary day. They were all standing around each other, giving him no heed. He felt strangely abandoned. It was amazing! Yet there was also a loneliness, a need for attention, even if that was in the form of yells. The reason why he hadn’t just teleported far away from them yet, and probably never will.

Instead of slinking away to leave them, he crept a bit closer. Those sounds they made were odd, high-pitched squeaks in strange patterns. Then, his ears perked up! He heard it. The crinkle sound. Were they going to give him what he wanted, or did they want to keep it to themselves?

They shouted. He shrank through his legs, making himself small. Almost he let the content of his bladder go, but he managed to hold it in. They would’ve beaten him otherwise.

The shouts weren’t directed at him. He stood back up, and felt a wiggle in his body. He saw it drop. In between the humans’ legs, the wrapping paper, crinkly, shiny, bright. They didn’t want it. It always amazes him, surely this was the best part? He crawled closer once again, aiming to make his way through the legs without disturbing them. He inched his snout further in, opened his mouth, and… gotcha. The wrapping paper was his!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Based upon a prompt, given to me by @ray_chelofsun on Twitter:
Teleporting dog, wrapping paper, thriller
I think I failed at the thriller part. Fair to say I don’t know how to thriller 🤷‍♀️

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