Interludes 5

How has January passed already? Did it go as quick for you as it did for me? Granted, things have been hectic at my day job, which speeds days along. It would’ve been great if I had to spend less time doing that and had more time to focus on my writing projects. In this interludes-post I’ll go over all my current writing projects.

The one which gets most of my attentions these days. This quirky continuing story which  started as merely one of my flash fiction, is now up to chapter 15. In its current state, it’s almost long enough to be considered a novella! Fair to say that I never expected this to happen when I wrote it first.

The published chapters are all being revised and edited as we speak. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but the latest chapters have been longer, passing by the flash fiction threshold. Because the story is getting larger, with more details and background stories finding their way in, it’s inevitable to get longer chapters. That only means more Nadec for everyone, yaay! Because of that, I decided to extend the earlier chapters as well. So those aren’t only being edited, they’re made longer too.

Last week I managed to make a trailer and publish it on Podbean. Click here to have a listen on Podbean (and subscribe while you’re there). Or you could give it a listen right here:


Let me know what you think! I’m super critical to myself and can’t help cringing whenever I hear it, even though I’d decided it was good enough to release to the world. I’m sure my narration will get better the more I practice. Which was the whole point of turning it into a podcast, to practice before releasing the larger podcast project (more about that further down).

I’ve played around with the blog a bit, and rearranged the menu options. Nadec has now been divided into 3 sub-pages. It almost feels like a real thing hey! I haven’t been accepted to iTunes yet because it wasn’t ready enough. I’ll try again this week, and worst case it will only get accepted after the first episode has been released. Which takes me to an important part of this blog: the first episode will be release on Saturday February 16th. How excited is that! It will be evening for Sydney time and (very) early mornings for New York time. Unfortunately, the time difference makes it a bit awkward. For now I’ll stick to that and will assess later on.

Tear of the sky
My larger podcast project has been shoved aside by all the attention Nadec has been getting. I believe I’m about halfway in writing the story. Once the beginning stages of the Nadec podcast have passed, I should get a breather and be able to resume writing this one. I feel like there are more and more “choose-your-own-adventure” type things coming out each day (damn you black mirror!), so there’s definitely a pressure to finish it asap. By the next interludes I should have made great progress.

Flash fiction
I’ll continue writing flash fiction and I’m trying to get them shorter again. I noticed they’ve been getting longer, and that’s not the point of flash fiction! Because of being busy with all the other things, I might not be able to write two every week, so there might not be a new post every Tuesday and Thursday. Please forgive me for this.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading the update, and stay tuned for the podcast! If you want to be sure not to miss the first episode, I would urge you so subscribe on the podcast on Podbean. From the moment it’s on iTunes, I’ll share the link with you all and you can subscribe there if that’s your preference. Either way, thanks for your time!

ps: Nadec artwork is still very much a work in progress. I need to add Kitty onto it!


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