Nadec, the podcast, is here!

It is done!

After weeks of preparation and scratching my head, I still don’t know what I’m doing. Yet I managed to make a finished first episode of the podcast. I’d planned on releasing it later in the evening (because for me it’s now Saturday evening), but I couldn’t wait any longer.

Here’s a little run-through on what’s happened on the website with the podcast and everything.

The main Nadec page has been divided in three subcategories:
Nadec first draft: this is the original page where every newly written chapter will be added. These new chapters will be published on Monday evenings now, instead of Sundays.
Nadec podcast: all the podcast episode will be posted here, and you’ll find a link to the transcripts of them.
Nadec polished: the edited version of the first draft chapters can be read here. As I’ve mentioned before, especially for the earlier chapters, the chapters will be longer than the original.

As a result of all this busyness, there’ll no longer be two other flash fiction published on a regular base. The blog’s schedule will look like this now: Nadec podcast and Nadec polished changes on Saturdays. New first draft chapter of Nadec on Mondays. Occasionally a new flash fiction on Thursday.

So yeah, Nadec will be taking a lot of time and place now. It’s all prep for the Tear of the Sky, which will be awesome!

You can find Nadec the podcast on many podcast apps, incl iTunes and Spotify.

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