Flash Fiction Friday – 2. WRITER

 ‘The End,’ Victoria wrote.

As she released her hands from the keyboard and leaned back, the ceiling above her disappeared. She looked up into an impossible abyss of stars and felt herself floating through space. The spectrum of her eyes shifted, and what first looked like beautiful grey formations of cosmic clouds, now gained colour. Arrays of pinks, reds, blues, purples in immobile swirls became larger as she floated closer to the concentrated space dust.

All around her, far and close, clusters of colour appeared. She gained momentum, and recognised the one she approached; the Orion Nebula. Deeper in she went. It felt as if soaring through mist, with hundreds of glowing dots passing by her. Instinctively she knew the dots were stars, representing suns. She didn’t question the impossibility of their size compared to hers, not at that moment. She let it all happen and enjoyed the moment. 

In what she thought of as the center of the nebula, she came to a stop. She kept turning around, as if a ballerina in a music box. 

A figure appeared in front of her, moving around her at the same speed as her pirouettes, staying in her sight. 

‘Where am I?’

‘That is not the correct question.’ The figure’s voice reverberated in her whole being. Victoria couldn’t asses if they were female or male, as the figure’s shape shifted constantly. One thing stayed the same; they were ever flimsy and ethereal. ‘Try again.’

‘Why am I here?’ she asked, aware of not speaking through a mouth.

‘You have finished your first first draft. Congratulations. You are now as much a writer as you were before.’

‘Thank… you? What?’

The figure’s laugh shook her whole existence. ‘You have been a writer from the moment you typed a sentence. And you always will be. Now, on you go. You have many more drafts to finish. Not to mention editing.’ Somehow this sounded amused.

‘Oh wait, one more question.’ The figure’s misty face made the appearance of lifting an eyebrow. ‘Shouldn’t everything look incomprehensibly massive? It’s not in proportion with my size. I should be tiny.’

‘Oh, my little human.’ The figure laughed again. ‘It doesn’t matter what your corporeal form looks like. Here, you are the size of your mind and imagination. Now go.’ Tendrils of bluish-white cosmic dust reached in her direction. The sensation of falling backwards assaulted her.

She hit the floor. Hard. After picking herself up, she rubbed an elbow while glaring at the computer screen. The cursor blinked underneath the heading: ‘Chapter 83’. The last chapter. She must’ve dozed off.

She began typing furiously, keen to reach the end. All her previous doubts dissipated. She knew now.

She’d been a writer all along.


After last week‘s heavy flash fiction, I promised a lighter one for the next times. So here it is. I hope you like it. And if you are a writer, I hope it can resonate a bit with you. Also, let’s ignore that I’m posting this on Saturday, aye?

Here’s what it might look like to actually take a soar into the Orion Nebula! Go to video.


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