Flash Fiction Friday – 3. A YEAR AND A DAY

The sound of the knife sharpening had always been a comforting sound to Esora. So fortunate she’d been chosen to sharpen the kitchen knives today, of all days. The time crept near.

She looked sideways along her white cowl. Through the open kitchen door, she glared at the man who’d taken her gai’shain. He lounged on a chair, eyes half-closed, missing arm obvious. It had been the cause of his retirement as a soldier, and the reason why they lived in this house, instead of on the road with his companions. Da’covale, he insisted on calling her. A year and a day ago, she’d warned him of today. Perched in front of the kitchen table, she kept sharpening her blade.

She tried not to dwell on the real reason she’d insisted on sharpening the knives today. If she didn’t admit to it, it wouldn’t be real. It wouldn’t cause toh. 

The sunlight playing through the window changed in intensity. The bright yellow transformed to golden orange. She grinned. Her heart soared with the resonance of plunging the knife into the wooden of the table. The violence of the gesture, almost turned her giddy to the point of having to reprimand herself. She stood up, lowered her hood, and undressed completely.

The man looked up, woken from his daze by her shadows playing on his face. His gaze spoke of confusion, seeing her standing undressed in the kitchen doorway.

‘You finally want it yourself? I can live with that. Come here then. You’ll have to wake him up first.’

He grinned at her, untying his trousers. She snatched the knife from the table, and stepped in front of him. ‘My year and day have been fulfilled. I will leave now.’

As she turned to leave, the man grabbed her hand, and began to say, ‘where do you think you’re go—’

Esora smiled. She’d hoped he wouldn’t let her go. Thinking that as a gai’shain would bring her shame. But she wasn’t gai’shain anymore, and these people didn’t follow the Aiel ways. No matter if she’d accepted their imprisonment as being gai’shain.

The man’s arm snapped with the force of the knife’s impact. She walked away, but the man struck a foot out to trip her. She jumped, evading it. She kicked her legs down upon landing, cracking the ankle. One of her feet struck upwards, while the other balanced on the man’s shin. It connected with his nose, producing a satisfying crunch. 

Screams came from outside. More Aiel had finished their year and day. She grinned and stepped off his leg. Her eyes locked on his. They widened. Through gritted teeth, sputtering from the blood streaming out of his nose, he growled: ‘Come on then, finish it.’

In one fluid motion, she pulled the knife out of his arm and sliced.

The sash, tied around his middle, came loose with ease. She snarled at his confused face. Did he think she would kill with her face visible? 

She wrapped the sash around her face and ran outside. Towards freedom, or the end of the dream.


If you’re not a Wheel of Time fan, this story might go over your head a bit. There are many terms which will be unknown to you. Just go read the books, okay. Shouldn’t take too long. I’m kidding, it’s 14 books. It might take some time. But worth it!

Anyways, this is my first ever attempt at fan fiction. (Is that what it’s called?) I reckon there are a few details I got wrong or could be better, but hey, I’m rereading now so I might be able to make a better version sometime soon.

The idea came from Twitter (#TwitterofTime). I love that online community. Also, in a year’s time, The Wheel of Time will be a show on Prime, and that is the most exciting thing happening right now.

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