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Have you ever looked up into the night sky, and wondered what is out there? While most of its vastness is still a mystery, the amazing work of astronomers gives us a glimpse of the awesomeness of space. Using the Hubble telescope or their own equipment, they manage to capture space objects like we’ve never seen before. By using special filters and post-processing, they show us what our own eyes wouldn’t be able to see. And, woah, it is gorgeous and mind-blowing.

All my paintings are based on those real deep space images (used with permission). While sometimes adding some artistic freedom with colour and shape, the paintings still stay true to the real thing.

If you are interested in buying an original, get in touch by emailing me at I can provide more photos or take a video upon request I. am also open for commissions.

I’m planning up a Kickstarter campaign in which I’ll offer prints of all the paintings in different sizes, on archival paper and metal. The date hasn’t been decided yet. If you’d like to get notified about this, fill in your email address below. (It will not be used for any other reasons but to keep you up-to-date about the upcoming kickstarter)



Acrylics on cotton canvas. 90 x 90 cm, 35 X 35 inch, $1350(AUD).

Based on a Hubble image. Here’s a great little video showing whereabouts in the sky the Nebula is situated. It shows the scale of things perfectly: click here.


Acrylics on cotton canvas. 56 x 71 cm, 22 X 28 inch, $680(AUD).

Based on a Hubble image. Here is an interesting 3D explanation about the ring nebula: check it out!


North America nebula

Acrylics on cotton canvas. 60 x 60 cm, 24 x 24 inch, not for sale.

Based on an image taken by William Burns. (Instagram)


Flame and horsehead nebula

Acrylics on cotton canvas. 50 x 100 cm, 20 x 40 inch, $880(AUD).

Based on all kinds of different images. Here is an interesting 3D video about these nebulas, zooming in onto the horsehead: check it out!


Northern veil Nebula

Acrylics on cotton. 50 x 70 cm, 20 x 28 inch, $620(AUD).

Based on an image taken by Christopher Stobie (Instagram). Here is an awesome 3D video of the complete Veil Nebula, the Northern Veil is on the left: be amazed!


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