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They’ve always been there.


They too, have always been there. In my head. I drew and painted a bit, played the cello a bit, did other creative activities, a bit. But writing? Oh, I tried. Started writing a few times, never went further than a few pages.

I even remember, when I was a kid, drawing a little comic, with a real storyline, featuring a witch called Witchy. Yeah. Witchy the witch.

That memory has only recently made it’s way to the surface of my brain. Funny that. Why did that creative side, the writing, drawing, telling stories on paper, never got a real hold on me?

We will never know. What we do know, is that some day, at the end of april 2018, I opened up a blank google docs document, and started writing the beginning of a story. It was as if the bottled up creativity of all those years, had finally been given permission to pop out.

And pop it did! I haven’t stopped writing since. Never ever been as passionate and committed to something. To me, that means a lot. Have I maybe finally found what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Whatever the answer to that question is, thank you for visiting my humble website. I’ve got the stuff here for you. The words.

All the words.

Well, perhaps—definitely—not ALL the words. Heavily influenced by Robert Jordan‘s The Wheel of Time, and all of Brandon Sanderson‘s epicness, my words lay mostly in the realm of Fantasy (easter eggs, like little references to their works are everywhere in my stuff).

Epic fantasy, with magic, and weird fantasy, if I allow myself to break the rules (but also with magic). Still finding my writer’s voice, but different, and silly would be prominent key words.


If you like what I do, the best way to support me is to share stuff on social media, and tell your friends all about it. Another way, is to donate a little bit of money, the price of a money, which would help me navigate through daily life (not to mention the hosting costs of the podcast and website). Follow the link below for that option. Thank you.



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