Nadec ch 24: Stories and a slap

Previously: Nadec manages to free the gorwak because of her ancestry. The creature joins her to Blackie and Kitty. Blackie doesn’t trust the gorwak, but Nadec drinks herself into oblivion first. The day after, she tackles all her issue with renewed vigor. The gorwak appears to be a genuine source of connections. Read all theContinue reading “Nadec ch 24: Stories and a slap”

Nadec Ch 15: flight

Previously: Nadec recovered from her concussion by being unconscious for a week, helped by the Dragon’s White Gas. They need answers from the zlurp, so they set to interrogating him. Read all the previous chapters here. Disclaimer: rough version! This is as raw as it gets, almost fresh from the brain. If you’d like toContinue reading “Nadec Ch 15: flight”