Nadec ch 43 Opposition

Previously: Blackie has been set as the coloured void, the myth in the sky. She soared over the people at the Square market, filling everyone with the Awe Nadec had intented. It all went to plan, until a bunch of arrows flew towards her. Read all the previous chapters here. * * * * *Continue reading “Nadec ch 43 Opposition”

Nadec ch 39 The real heir

Nadec gets an induction about Paralelian laws. It is given by Ayba, the woman who lured her to the skinny housekeeper. She recognises Nadec, despite her male disguise.

Nadec ch 36 Uncle Jodec

Frustration at the lack of information in the box, doesn’t stop Nadec and Melia from figuring out several important things. A masterplan gets made.

Nadec ch 35 The skinny housekeeper

Nadec and the woman sh’d just met, Ayba, hide in a fancy pub. According to Ayba, it’s supposed to be safe.

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