Why space

Have you ever looked up into the night sky, and wondered what is out there? While most of its vastness is still a mystery, the amazing work of astronomers gives us a glimpse of the awesomeness of space. Using the Hubble telescope or their own equipment, they manage to capture space objects like we’ve never seen before. By using special filters and post-processing, they show us what our own eyes wouldn’t be able to see. And, woah, it is gorgeous and mind-blowing.

Most of my paintings are based on those real deep space images (used with permission). While sometimes adding some artistic freedom with colour and shape, the paintings still stay true to the real thing.

If you are interested in buying an original, get in touch by emailing me at astridjefartist@gmail.com. I can provide more photos or take a video upon request I. am also open for commissions.

While this website is being revised and improved, nothing is for sale. However, the new website will have a brand new section, and it will be called shop. Unsurprisingly, that´s where you will be able to buy things! I´ll have the originals up for sale, but ALSO, there will be prints to buy, yaay! If you´d like to keep updated on when the shop opens, please sign up below. I don´t have a newsletter yet (another things I´m working on), so I promise you won´t get spammed!

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