Flash Fiction Friday – 1. TORN AWAY

Mother and child share an unbreakable bond. But what if it gets broken? What if the child get taken?

Interludes 6 – About 2020 and everything

About what’s to come in this new year and beyond. Podcasts, flash fiction, short story, art, novel, …

Nadec ch 48 False Feeling of Safety

Previously: After getting caught by Jodec and getting a last chance to speak to Patat, both of them get surprised by Wyny showing up. Before he sends Jodec away, Nadec and Jodec agree on a common goal: keeping Patat safe. Both Wyny and Patat profess their utter trust in Nadec, which touches on an unsettinglyContinue reading “Nadec ch 48 False Feeling of Safety”

Nadec ch 47 Trust

Previously: After the meeting in the wobbly wine glass, Nadec goes to the throne room to talk to Patat. He isn’t there. Instead, her uncle and a zlurp manage to catch her, but he does give her 1 last chance to talk to the gorwak. However, they get interrupted by Wyny demanding what is goingContinue reading “Nadec ch 47 Trust”

Nadec ch 46 Caught

Previously: With Wyny’s grandmother as the head of the Truth Companions, Nadec gained their full support after proving who she is. They use the rest of the evening to talk about ways to help Nadec with the prophecy, which they still believe is real. Nadec also gained a second servant. Read all the previous chaptersContinue reading “Nadec ch 46 Caught”

Nadec ch 45 A Second Servant

Previously: Nadec and Melia walked into a meeting by the people opposing the Order of the End. After introductions, the person leading them says she is Wyny’s grandmother. Read all the previous chapters here. ps: this is the real and raw first draft, including spelling and grammar mistakes, unnamed characters, awkward bits, … If you’d preferContinue reading “Nadec ch 45 A Second Servant”

Nadec ch 44 The Wobbly Wine Glass

Previously: After making certain Blackie was safe from her perch atop the tower, Nadec and Ayba made their way out of the public eye. Ayba mentioned a meeting to Nadec, apparently there were people opposing the Order of the End. Read all the previous chapters here. * * * * * * * * *Continue reading “Nadec ch 44 The Wobbly Wine Glass”

Nadec ch 43 Opposition

Previously: Blackie has been set as the coloured void, the myth in the sky. She soared over the people at the Square market, filling everyone with the Awe Nadec had intented. It all went to plan, until a bunch of arrows flew towards her. Read all the previous chapters here. * * * * *Continue reading “Nadec ch 43 Opposition”

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