Interludes 6 – About 2020 and everything

About what’s to come in this new year and beyond. Podcasts, flash fiction, short story, art, novel, …

Wails of death

Mist swirled around the wrought iron gate, the intricate design inviting it to play. The movement was almost mischievous, disappearing and re-forming like magic. Pauline stared at it, hypnotised. A shiver startled her awake. ‘Staring at fences while you’re freezing. Well done, Pauline.’ With a grunt, she opened the lock, wondering why they’d bothered toContinue reading “Wails of death”


Dread and unwillingness. Suffering will come. Anticipation of the reward. Start. Blood pumps around. Face heats up. Breath quickens. Legs protest. Beep. That was slow. Sweat drips. Cars rush by. Heart beats in ears. Beep. Quicker. Good. Find the rhythm. Enter the bush. Senses alive. Stop and marvel. Calming surrounds of nature. Breathe. Resume withContinue reading “Reward”

Scorching days

The heat rose up from the bitumen in shimmering waves of translucent nothingness. Nothingness she couldn’t touch, but feel in every pore and surface of her body. Even below the surface it seeped, strengthening the feeling of melting. Still she kept walking. She’d tried to cover her whole body in light linen clothes. It wasn’tContinue reading “Scorching days”

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